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Good English Matters

English Writing Services &

English Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages

"We have been extremely impressed with Mike's attention to detail, and would have no hesitation in recommending his services."

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Document Writing

Good English Matters

for individuals & businesses

All too often, we see professional documents produced with poor sentence structure, inconsistent formatting, spelling mistakes and incorrect punctuation. This can create an unprofessional image, instilling low confidence in the quality of the message being delivered.

In fact, the potential consequences of inaccuracies are limitless.

Business Meeting

When written communication contains incorrect punctuation or misspelt words, the intended message can easily be misinterpreted.

The subsequent outcome might well be costly - deadlines misunderstood, appointments diarised incorrectly, products manufactured to the wrong specification, time wasted because of the need to check for understanding, offence caused by comments made - and reputation and credibility may be damaged too.

Work Desk

Some of the ways

we can help you

  • Improving the presentation of your website content

  • Assisting with the production of marketing literature

  • Constructing important email communications

  • Helping with technical report writing

  • Composing a letter of complaint or an insurance claim

English Lessons

English Lessons with

Good English Matters

Good English Matters provides one-to-one English lessons for speakers of other languages.

Lessons are personalised, revolving around the student’s interests, field of study or occupation, and level of ability... and they're always fun!

Photo 2 of teaching certificate.png

All areas covered:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Speaking

  • Listening

  • Vocabulary

Lessons can be conducted face-to-face, if in the Brighton & Hove area, or online.

Common Errors

Some Common Errors

Here are just a few...

Your or You’re?

Your relates to something that is yours, something that belongs to you, something associated with you.

You’re is a contraction of You are.


Your explanation was very clear.

You’re welcome.

You’re improving the way you communicate with your clients.

Laptop and Phone
Copying Down

A comma before a name?

Let’s assume you have a number of goldfish, and one of them is called Dave.

You would make reference to Dave, by writing: My goldfish Dave.

My goldfish, Dave would imply that Dave is your only goldfish.

Would have or Would of?

Would have is correct.

Would of makes no sense.

You could say:

I have; I will have; I would have.

You wouldn’t say:

I of; I will of; I would of.

Woman Typing


Good English Matters was created by Mike Bannister.

Mike's career has included 20 years as a financial adviser, and he also has a wealth of experience in project management.

He has a level 5 certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and has been providing one-to-one lessons since 2013.

Mike also owns and manages


He is the author of Running for the B-Team, self-published in 2015.

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